Reliability and productivity

pictureMaximize employee productivity and network uptime through prompt intervention, maintenance and regular checks. Scheduled updates for security patches, spyware removal, antivirus, antispam protection and network security. Email backup, user settings, programs, databases, server configuration, clone computers, quick OS installation..

Data security

pictureThe importance of computer network security has increased with the expansion of electronic data processing and transmission over networks. When confidential information is operated, it is important that sharing and communication advantages provided by computer networks be supported by consistent security facilities.



IT outsourcing has become of utmost importance for business, and costs should be reduced while maintainting or even improving quality of services. Business requirements are constantly changing, and so is technology. A company specialized in IT outsourcing provides lower costs for the beneficiaries and technical solutions based on the experience of an entire team.

Why choose us?
IT staff at your service when you need it

The IT support team is always there for you to solve problems.

You have access to:
Dedicated techician teams for remote services (online) through
specialised software made available for you at no charge by Datech Computer
(response time is 10-30 minutes).

Dedicated technician teams who come to your premises (onsite).

The team uses 3 vehicles (response time is of maximum 4 hours).

Maintenance is made on a monthly basis for software (one intervention per month to your premises
for software checks, virus removal etc.) and on a semstral basis for
internal dust cleaning.

You can contact the support team 7 days a week for all simple problems,
and also for complex issues related to your network, the team being only one phone call
or email away.

Datech Computer secures your information at a lower price. We can be your IT "department" that reduces the costs and time dedicated to the problems posed by the information infrastructure of your business.

Your IT department
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